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WordPress Website Design Services

WordPress Website Design Services

Responsive WordPress Website Design Services

Many website designers can build beautiful websites and often many websites have copied content.  As a business owner if you believe that a IT, friend of a family, your neighbor or maybe someone in your office is the right person to get your website designed for your business, then you should call us when you are ready.

Building a business that will scale requires leads & sales — where its more a science than art.  Would you believe us if we told you we will build a custom designed website for FREE.  Yes, free, because we often find at the website when built in correctly will not produce digital marketing leads & sales.  So, connect with us to understand why we want to design or re-design your website for free?

If we conduct an audit of your current website and find that we can leverage it, then we will advise you not to re-design the site — less work for us and faster we can get to marketing your site.

Houston SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

Houston SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

Its all about Social Signals & Authority Content – have questions? Call

 Why do this? Is really very simple, Search Engine Optimization is how we provide input to Google, Yahoo & Bing on an ongoing bases to reduce your total cost of Ads marketing.  Google recommends you optimize your website to reduce your total cost of Ads and because through optimization we help Google find the right business websites to present to consumers searches.

You see when you search for a keywords phrase on your computer, tablet, phone, the request via Google is sent to show you a search page.  This page was pre-built by Google based on what it found through helpful SEO from Website and the Web.  The information SEO firms present within your website and distribute on the Internet gives your business website the rankings on Google search.

What we do for our clients is focus on small high volume keywords (which are highly competitive) and long-tail keywords to give your business website a large footprint on the web.  This ensures you will have a long-term ability to generate leads & sales because over time your exposure is bigger and better than your competitors.

If this is a lot of technical jargon – then give us a call – we speak business not SEO, so we can explain it better when we talk!

Google AdWords Pay Per Click for Houston Business Website Marketing

Google AdWords Pay Per Click for Houston Business Website Marketing

Negative Keywords Management – What is that you ask? Well you know how to connect with us!

Paid Ads work, don’t take our word for it – just check out Google’s publicly traded SEC fillings on the billions they are making from millions of business owners just like you spending money on Ads Search Marketing.  If you are among the set that believe this does not work, well you are simply wrong.  Sorry if we offended you, but it works — the person or Company you hired to run your Ads simply did not know how to drive the Google AdWords Marketing Platform for your business.

 Hint, hint, hint — negative keywords management is key to your survival when using Google AdWords – don’t know how to leverage this – call us!

Social Media Marketing – Facebook is Social Media King

Social Media Marketing - Facebook is Social Media King

How does it all work?  Well when you go to a party you meet a new friend, in passing you mention what you do for a living.  Do you typically get a call from them next day to conduct business?  Unless its a networking business event, most likely not.  However, you made a contact, upon repeated meetings with the same individuals from the first event, they would potentially hire your business or refer a friend who has a need.  This is how social media marketing works — very different than Google Search and Organic SEO, where the customers are looking for your products and service right now.

The game plan for Social Media Marketing with Facebook is for exposure to generate a large network of contacts, improve business branding, product / service awareness, events marketing and surely leads & sales over time.

Yes, there is Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and a host of other great platforms — they all work in a similar model.  If you are after leads & sales, give us a call, we help business owners make more money!!

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