About Us

Anowar Mark Shahjahan CEO - SEO Houston ExpertVERTX SYSTEMS, LLC was set up in 2001 to be a solutions Company.  We started building software with our first venture was FileOn.  This was an online and enterprise portal for the paper to digital document scanning and pdf files.  FileOn was written up in Norwalk News Paper in 2003 as an innovative solution homegrown startup by Anowar Shahjahan, CEO.

At this stage, FileOn was noticed by Norwalk Hospital, which commissioned us to re-purpose the platform as a Hospital Document Management system.  The solution was benched against the Mckesson document management solution, which FileOn processing services beat on speed, performance, and simplicity of connecting patient scanned records to electronic medical records (EMR) in Cerner.

While this small team of innovators worked on FileOn, Mr. Shahjahan found himself, like many technical CEOs how to get more exposure, leads & sales from a diverse client base.  He then commissioned the building of small utility products, one of which still continues in the marketplace: PDF Splitter & Merger.  The product was developed for $2,000 and built from idea to production within 30 days.  A new website pdfsplit.com was built out and the product was placed and distributed on CNET and other download platforms.  Within weeks PDF Splitter & Merger was a hit, with an average monthly sales of $9,000 at a price point of $59.99 per unit.  We had worldwide sales from all types of businesses for 3 years before competitors came in and started offering free products to gain market share for scanning solutions.

During this period Mr. Shahjahan rapidly studied and understood how to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords Pay Per Click, Branding, Marketing & Sales.  This was an immense amount of on-the-job training for a software engineer at heart to learn marketing & sales.  There was a lot of trial and error to understand what was working and what did not.

During this period, Google, Yahoo, and Bing were fighting for search market share and there was dramatic growth.  Mr. Shahjahan (SEO Houston Expert) decided it was time to move into Digital Marketing Services and a new division Marketing Agency Peer365 (Peer365.com and SEOWebDesignHouston.com) was born.  Mr. Shahjahan continues to be involved in VERTX / PEER365 / SEO WEB DESIGN HOUSTON™ and several other ventures to help business owners struggling with SEO, Paid Ads PPC, Mobile Ads, Social Media Marketing (Facebook), Youtube video production and marketing, Website Design Services and Email Marketing Services.

AdWords, WordPress, eCommerce (wooCommerce), YoastSEO, are just a few tools of the trade — our team continues to expand offerings to provide IT Support Services for Virus / Malware cleanup services for